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WSDL-First Development

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to get comfortable with WSDL First development of web services. Deep down inside it makes sense to me (I come from ATL/COM land so defining my interface first just makes sense to me).

So I went through the XSD tutorial I mentioned and made a schema for the CRM project. No problem.

But before tackling a web service that large, I decided to create a little spike solution first to test a couple of things. I tryed in the first WSDL sample from chapter 6 of the O’Reilly book Web Services Essentials├é by Ethan Cerami (pp122-123).

I then used wsdl.exe with the /server flag to produce a base class. Imported it into my project and derived my web service from it. Added the override for the abstract method and pow! I had a working WSDL first web service.

But one thing bugs me… when I ask the .ASMX file for the WSDL, I get something that looks very different from what I started with:

  • Most of the names have changed (not the operations). This doesn’t really matter, but it is a difference.
  • The first time I did this the new WSDL had a section with a element that defined the messages. My original├é didn’t have this. Then I remembered to copy the attributes from the base class to my code-behind class and that went away.
  • The binding/soap:binding element now has the style=”document” attribute, but my original WSDL had style=”rpc”
  • The binding/operation/soap:operation element now had style=”rpc” but my original didn’t have a style element at all.
  • My original WSDL fifn’t have a section. The new one does.

Now I don’t think most of these are important, but the “document/rpc” thing has me worried. I think the end result will cause client proxies to produce the same SOAP messages, but I’m not 100% sure.

Has anyone explored this further with a more complicated WSDL? Perhaps one with a ?