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Well, we tried to take my 17 month old daughter, Hadley, camping this weekend. After driving 9 miles up F.R. 119 in Pike National Forest, we found a nice spot that would fit two gigantic tents (one for my family and one for my brother-in-law’s family).

Just about the time we got the tents up it started to sprinkle. That wasn’t all that unexpected, but it out haste to get out of Denver, we forgot to bring rain gear. I figured that it would be a typical Colorado summer rain shower… no more than an hour or two long. No such luck.

Three hours later all of the kids were wet and cranky and the rain was getting stronger. Everyone except brother-in-law and I was hiding in a tent. Andrew and I had a pretty good fire going and were warm if not dry. When my wife yelled out, “The tent is leaking,” though, we knew we were in trouble.

After another 15 minutes waiting and discussing, we decided to bail. The rain was really coming down now and the temp was down to about 48 degrees. The kids were cold and wet. So we grabbed the coolers, the kids and the dog and loaded up the cars. We left everything else behind. I sure didn’t feel like taking down my 3 room tent in the middle of a freezing rain storm.

We drove back down the mountain in the splendor of a heated car and went to Andrew’s house. It wasn’t raining in Highlands Ranch, so we fired up the barbecue and made smores. The kids had fun and got to sleep in warm beds.

In the morning Andrew and I went back up to Pike National Forest and struck camp. It was still cool and damp, but at least it wasn’t raining anymore.

So our first attempt at camping with a toddler didn’t work out. We hope to try one more time before Fall/Winter and hopefully that one will go better. We will at least remember to bring panchos next time. :)