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SCM and Issue Tracking

A lot of bloggers have been writing about Vault lately. Very cool I must say, but why isn’t anyone talking about Subversion (aka SVN)?

SVN has at least one major point in favor of it over Vault: It is FREE! It is released under the Apache License, which is nice, has a core of dedicated developers and it is getting to be pretty damn stable. Of course if using an alpha-version SCM bothers you, you can always use CVSNT which is also FREE.

One of the things about Vault that I do like a lot&nbsp_place_holder;is its integration with FogBUGZ. It is very nice when your SCM integrates with your issue/bug tracking system.

This got me thinking… why hasn’t anyone ported Bugzilla to .NET and SQL Server?

If I can find the time, I’m going to tackle this project. If anyone is interested in helping me on this, I would love it.