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Java Language Conversion Assistant

Wow. MS has released 2.0 of their Java Language Conversion Assistant, which converts Java to C#. From the MSDN site:

  • Project conversion. This release converts Java Server Page (JSP) and servlet applications, as well as Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) and Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) client-side applications.
  • Applet projects. Applet support has been increased. It’s now easier than ever to convert applets to Windows user controls for hosting in the browser.
  • Additional API support. Java-language code using the 1.2 Collections API is now converted to the equivalent .NET collection classes.
  • Localized application support. The Java Language Conversion Assistant can now both read and write Unicode and localized applications. In addition, users can also convert code using several popular file formats.
  • Performance. The performance of the Java Language Conversion Assistant is now significantly improved for the conversion of large projects.

Impressive. Servlets? JSP? AWT? Nice.