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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 6

After the almost-riot in the lobby during the encroaching tropical storm, the alarm clock went off at 5:00 am. We were supposed to meet our bus at 5:20. Yeah right. It is still pouring down rain but the wind has died down.

I quickly dress and head down the find the SunTrips person. No one to be found. Actually that isn’t true… there are 30 other people milling about looking for the SunTrips person. We are like pachinko balls, bouncing around asking each other, “Do you know when the bus is coming?” or “I heard it was delayed, but I don’t remember who told me.”


At 6:30, a few of us get annoyed and decide that we need to talk to someone from the hotel about getting breakfast and then back into our rooms. You see, we’d all checked out at 5:15 so we didn’t have room keys anymore. And, we had all removed our “all inclusive” bracelets, so we couldn’t get food.

The hotel, cooperated nicely and told us that we could use our checkout tickets for breakfast. Then, they told us, we could turn the checkout ticket back in for a room key. We just had to remember to trade the key back in before we left. Whatever.

Em and I grabbed a bit to eat and headed back upstairs. The prevailing rumour at this point was that the SunTrips person would arrive at 9:00 am and the bus would arrive at 10:20 am, but I don’t trust rumours. So after lugging the bags back up 3 floors (did I mention that the elevator was out about half the time?), I poured Emily into bed and went back down to the lobby. It is almost 8:00 at this point.

There were a few other paranoid types who wouldn’t trust the rumours. We would make polite eye contact with each other and shake our heads in amazement. What else could we do. I paced. Some napped on the lobby sofas. At 9:00 we all started paying closer attention to the people coming in and out of the hotel, each hoping to be the one to first spot the SubTrips person. Nope… that isn’t her. Hey, is that? No dice.

At 9:40 I has pacing back through the lobby, avoiding the many drips when I almost bumped into her. She looked surprised and said, “Hi! What’s up?”

“You have 30 people here who’ve been waiting here since 5:00 for the bus,” I replied.

“They didn’t post the FAX? It was up at all the other hotels? Your bus is coming at 10:30 and your flight is at 2:00 PM.”

As she went off to the front desk to find out where her missing FAX was, I headed up to the room for├é a nap. 30 minutes later, Em told me it was time to go to the bus so back down we went. We traded our key for a checkout ticket, then the checkout ticket for a ride to the airport. The “announcer” begged for tips, which seems to be a popular pastime in Cancun. I don’t remember them doing that in Mayan Riviera or Cozumel. Maybe I missed it. My loss.

At the airport things progressed as expected. We sat at one gate for an hour and a half, then they moved us to another gate. The departure got pushed back to 3:00pm, and then 3:30pm. We boarded sometime after 3:00 and got out of there “on time” at 3:40. By the time we got home we were exhausted.

I don’t know if we’ll be going back to Mexico for a while. I know it isn’t fair to blame all of Mexico for the things that happened on this trip, but it will still probably be a while before Emily will let me take her there. Oh well…