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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 5

Thursday morning we wake up and grab breakfast. Same meatheads all over the place. I guess we’re learning to ignore them. What the hell.

Immediately after breakfast we stopped by the in-hotel tour rep and ask her what the plans are for the approaching hurricane. Will our bus arrive? Will there be someone to tell us what to do?

Her response was basically, “Don’t worry about it. Someone will be here to tell you what to do.”

Needless to say, I didn’t like this answer very much, so I had Emily call the American consulate–I’m Canadian :). They said, “Ask your tour operator.”

OK FINE! We are completely at the mercy of SunTrips. Aargh! I was in St. Thomas when Hurrican Bertha (category 3) hit the island right on the head. That was an absolutely amazing this to experience, but it wasn’t so bad because our hotel has its own water supply (desal) and its own power generators. So while watching 200 ft. tall tornadoes pickup 40 ft. sailboats and smash them on the rocks, I was sitting in my room drinking clean, fresh water watching 12 Monkeys on the pay-per-view.

Needless to say, things were not this good at the Oasis Cancun, so I wasn’t looking forward to it. But at this point it was only Tropical Storm Claudette, not Hurricane Claudette, so I probably shouldn’t have been so worried.

So… what the hell… we went back to the Tour Operator and booked a Jungle Cruise for the afternoon! I mean, why the hell not?

The Jungle Cruise is an interesting thing. You get in a tiny little 14ft motorboat, join up into a little convoy of 6 boats and cruise through the jungle. On the other side, you tie up to a buoy and have a nice snorkle. Then you motor back home.

After lunch we headed over to the marina to get our motorboat. At this point the sky was looking pretty ominous and it was threatening to rain, but of course, the tour proceeded as usual. They warned us that the Mexican Coast Guard may not let us go out to the reef and that we may just have to “tour around the jungle.” Fine by me, so out we went. The tour came off perfectly, which after the diving part of the dive trip, was the next best thing of the trip.

By the time we got back, we were hungry and ready for dinner. It had started to pour and we were soaked and salty. Hit the room for a quick shower, went back to the Mariachi restaurant for dinner, then layed around the room watching TNT. We were tired and slightly worried about the hurricane.

It was starting to get coverage on CNN which was both good and bad. Good because I was finally able to find out what was coming, bad because it was still coming! After a couple of hours of pacing around the room, Emily ordered me to bed. Ear plugs in, lights out, sleep.

Yeah right. Sometime after midnight I heard a football game. You know the sound that goes with “the wave” at a game? That is what I heard. Right through the earplugs. I know you’re thinking it was the hurricane, and honestly so was I, but when I took out my earplugs I realized what I was hearing: a hundred loud, screaming, chanting 20-somethings hollering at the hotel staff because they wanted to close the bar.

I’m not joking. There is a tropical storm scheduled to hit in less that 3 hours and the moronic party-kids are yelling “MORE BEER!” at the top of their lungs in a chant. Had a quick look outside and it wasn’t as bad as I remembered Bertha, so I felt better about that, but I couldn’t really believe how loud the sounds were coming from the hotel lobby.

Earlplugs back in… pillow over head for additional noise insulation. Back to sleep.

Next up: Trying to come home after the storm.