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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 4

We awoke Wednesday morning at 7am to head out for our dive trip. AquaWorld was basically across the street, so after grabbing breakfast, we headed over. Got checked in and waited around for the bus to depart.

“Bus?” you ask.

Yes, bus. If you don’t know the geography of the area, Cozumel is an island south-east of Cancun. So we got on a bus and had a 35 minute ride south to Playa del Carmen. I think that is where we should have stayed. Looked a lot more like what we were looking for. Oh well.

At Playa del Carmen we hopped on a ferry for the 35 minute ride across to Cozumel. At this point Emily started to get annoyed again. She was looking forward to the dive, but the├é 2 hours of travelling to get there was more than she could handle. This was totally my fault. I didn’t really explain how far away Cozumel was from Cancun, so I’ll take the blame for this one.

Once we got to Cozumel everything went great. Took a boat from the Ferry pier to the AquaWorld docks, got equipment, hopped on our dive boat and headed out to Palancar Gardens, our first dive of the day. Emily had only been diving in Tahiti, so she was a bit disappointed, but I think Cozumel is some of the best diving in the Carribean. This dive was very nice. Em had never seen caves before and the reef looked great. Our second dive was Tormentos reef. Shallower but still a very nice dive. Didn’t see anything really exciting, but it was a nice day of diving.

Somewhere along the way, one of the guides mentioned that there was a hurricane coming. “Supposed to hit Friday morning,” he said. We were scheduled to fly out on Friday morning, so I wasn’t surprised. That would be a perfect ending to this trip.

We had lunch courtesy of the dive company and then reversed our two hour journey back to the hotel. The closer we got to the hotel, the more our spirits crumbled. After a wonderful day of diving, we really didn’t want to deal with the meatheads at the Oasis.

That night we found the secret restaurant at the hotel. Rather than being a “stuff your face” buffet, it was a sit down, a la carte restaurant. This helps keep the riffraff away because they don’t want to blow two hours having dinner. Nice Mexican fare with a great mariachi band. Not too bad.

We watched The Rock on TNT then put in the earplugs and went to bed. Next up… Tropical Storm Claudette.