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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 3

So after sleeping through the chaos happening in the hotel, we awoke and hoped to start over and make the best of it. We had breakfast and then met with the SunTrips representative for our hotel. You could tell by how she was talking that she was used to a party-focused crowd.

After that we went out and sunbathed by the pool. There was hundreds of hardbodies running around and terrible latin techno blaring through the speakers. Ugh. More of what we weren’t looking for.

Emily and I are both certified SCUBA divers, so we decided to book a dive and get the hell out of the hotel. Since I’d been diving at Cozumel before, we decided to get as far away as we could and scheduled a 2 tank dive there. Then we had lunch and decided to walk up the street a bit and check out the local Japanese restaurant. On our way we stopped by the main facilities for the dive company (AquaWorld). Not bad facilities… PADI 5-star… the dive should be good.

We checked out the restaurant and decided to come back later for dinner. It was still early afternoon, so I suggested we walk back down the beach. As it turns out it was not a very good idea. After a couple hundred yards, a big wave soaked Em. She had tennis shoes and shorts on and it soaked her up to her waste. So now we have another mile to walk in the soft Carribean sand and she is miserable. The rest of the walk was in angry silence. Ugh.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel. Air conditioning helps you feel better. And not having to deal with the riffraff helps too.

For dinner we hit the Japanese/Thai restaurant. It was a very nice experience. Quiet, good food, wine… a very nice time. Then we headed back to the hotel, put in our ear plugs and went to sleep. (Emily wanted to watch a movie or something, but this hotel only had CNN and TNT. No pay-per-view, no HBO, nothing.) At about 3am I heard a bit of party noise. I assume it was people coming back from the bars, but I didn’t stay up to find out more.

Next up… diving.