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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 2

Checking in for the flight was typical. Nothing bad happened. The flight down was fine. Mediocre little airline lunch, but these days unless you pay extra for it, that’s about all you can expect from airline food.

We arrived in Cancun and met the expected rabble of people trying to convince you that they are there to help you, when in fact they are there to remove some cash from you. :) We’d been to Mexico before so we knew to igore them all and carried through to our bus. 25 minutes later, they dropped us off at the Oasis Cancun.

We knew we were in trouble as soon as we got out of the bus. At least 10-20 teenagers (they may├é have been twenty-somethings… I can’t tell anymore) were loitering on the front steps. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old, I remember what it was like to go to Mexico and get hammered every day for a week, I just don’t do it anymore. That wasn’t what I was looking for on this trip.

We checked into the hotel and decided to grab dinner. The kids at the table behind us were doing poppers on the table and chain smoking. The ones at the buffet were hassling the staff. It was LOUD. Not the kind of nice romantic dinner I wanted to have. It was the last time we had dinner there.

After dinner, I suggested that we sit out by the pool and have some drinks. The sun had already set, so there weren’t many people by the pool. I couple of late swimmers were paddling around, but for the most part we had a pleasant evening. When we wanted additional drinks, though, we had to fight our way through a throng of buff 24 year old males crowding around the bar. A very rude bunch indeed. Rather that waiting politely for the guy to get to them, they would holler “Senior! Beer me!” at them until they got what they wanted. Ugh. I happily went back out to the pool.

Eventually we tired and decided to go to bed. This was when the fun began. Fun for the assholes at the bar I mean. Not fun for two thirty-somethings trying to sleep. The kids decided to act like it was spring break and used the hotel hallways as the party floor. The noise easily went until 4am. At about 3am I remembered that I had foam earplugs in my bathroom bag. That sure helped. We used them every night after that. Couldn’t sleep otherwise…