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CodeSmith 2.1.1270 Released

Here is a list of some of the changes for this release.

  • Added designers for TableSchemaCollection, CommandSchemaCollection, and ViewSchemaCollection.&nbsp_place_holder; These types can now be used as properties in the GUI and in the VS.NET custom tool.
  • Added ability to select multiple root folders in CodeSmith Explorer.
  • Enabled the maximize button on the explorer and generator forms.
  • Included the awesome C# collection templates built by Chris Nahr.
  • Made it so that if you had a previous selection the schema explorer designers will automatically select that item.
  • Added CustomProperties sample.&nbsp_place_holder; This sample demonstrates using the XmlSerializer to deserialize an object and use it as a property.
  • Added ExtendedProperties collection to all schema objects.&nbsp_place_holder; These can be used to hold any custom data.
  • Made SqlSchemaProvider populate all extended properties from SQL 2000 into the ExtendedProperties collection on each schema object.
  • Made SqlSchemaProvider populate five additional extended properties on each column: CS_IsIdentity, CS_IdentitySeed, CS_IdentityIncrement, CS_IsRowGuidCol, and CS_Default.
  • Added CommandText property to the CommandSchema object.&nbsp_place_holder; This can be used to get the code for the command.
  • Added IsDependantOf method to the TableSchema object.&nbsp_place_holder; This will determine if a given table is a dependant of another table by crawling the ForeignKey heirarchy.
  • Added TableDependancyComparer class.&nbsp_place_holder; This can be used to sort tables in order of dependancy.
  • Made all Schema Explorer designers remember their last selected data source.
  • Added IsPrimaryKey, IsUnique, and IsClustered properties to IndexSchema.
  • Added DateCreated to TableSchema, ViewSchema, and CommandSchema.
  • Added support for Debug attribute in the CodeTemplate directive.&nbsp_place_holder; This must be set to true before you will be able to debug your templates.
  • Added error handling to CodeSmithConsole and changed it to return a non-zero number if it fails.
  • Added typed DataSet sample template and test application (TypedDataSetTester).&nbsp_place_holder; These are a work in progress but I am hoping to get feedback.
  • Implemented the Equals and GetHashCode methods for each schema object.&nbsp_place_holder; Equals will now check for value equality instead of reference equality.
  • Click here for a complete list of changes.

[From Eric J. Smith’s Weblog]