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.Net Shortcuts + Automate GAC and COM Operations Using This Cool Add-in

Thanks Roy

Date: 6/2/2003
Author: Enrico Sabbadin
Versions: VS.NET Level: Advanced
File Size: 315K download

Summary: This add-in for VS.NET 2003 automatically:
&nbsp_place_holder; 1) Registers the assembly in the GAC right after it has been built.
&nbsp_place_holder; 2) Exports types to COM: produces the type library (and registers it if specified) .. as tlbexp.exe does.
&nbsp_place_holder; 3) Registers classes in the registry ..as regasm.exe does.
&nbsp_place_holder; 4) Avoids the bulding of an Assembly if its read-only attribute is set.
&nbsp_place_holder; 5) If a build fails, it stops the build process for the remaining assembly in the solution.
You configure the Add-in behaviour for your VS.NET project by placing appropriate entries in the section of the project app.config file. > > —————————————————- > > Date: 5/26/2003
Author: Enrico Sabbadin
Versions: .NET Level: Advanced
File Size: 4K download

Summary: This registry file adds the following entries to the Windows Explorer’s context menus, that will help you speed your development and test cycle:
1) .idl files : Build : run midl.exe against the idl file top produce a type library from it.
2) .dll files: register/unregister COM dll using regsvr32, register .NET assembly in the GAC, register .NET assembly for COM Interop (regasm.exe), register .NET assembly for COM Interop using the codebase switch (regasm.exe /codebase), register/unregister COM EXE.
3) .tlb files : use regtlib to register a type library.
4) Any directory: Open a DOS console and sets required PATH and INCLUDE environment variables (runs vsvar32.bat).

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