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Outlook 2003 Comments

OK, so I went ahead and installed Office 2003. The reviews by other bloggers have been&nbsp_place_holder; very good, so I figured what the hell. Here are my comments so far. These are primarily about Outlook, because I’ve spent the most time in there. I’ll be doing some writing from home tonight, so I’ll comment on Word later.

  1. SpamBayes doesn’t work. In fact, it crashes Outlook constantly. This is very disappointing, but I suppose it is alright because it will force me to experiment with the Spam features built into Outlook.
  2. Search Folders ROCK! I’m only getting an idea of the power of these things, but that idea is BIG. I am a junkie about folders. I have all kinds of rules defined that automatically move email to various folders. The problem is that I have to scan the folder tree looking for bold items. Not anymore. Now I can have a search folder that searches for Unread Email. All I have to do is read that folder. Very cool. I imagine I’ll be making a lot more rules now.
  3. I love the new UI. I run at 1400x1050 and always felt that Outlook wasn’t really good at that resolution. The new window layout is so much better at higher resolutions. The old preview pane has been replaced by a Reading Pane that is tall and narrow, more like a real piece of paper. This leaves the left side for folder views and content lists.
  4. Hide When Minimized. I’ve been waiting for this forever. The only programs I want in the task tray are those I’m actively switching between. The rest can go away.

That’s enough for now. I’ll post more later.