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Power Toys for VS.NET 2003

From Harry Pierson’s DevHawk Weblog

I was looking up something on the VS.NET site when I noticed a link to PowerToys for VS.NET 2003. There are currently 5 PowerToys available:

  • VSTweak - Allows you to modify some of the more obscure VS.NET options and settings
  • VSEdit - Command line tool to load a file into currently running instance of VS.NET
  • VSWindowManager - Enables you to design your own custom window layouts
  • Custom Help Builder - allows you to create a custom help collection for your XML-style commented Visual Basic or Visual C# class library. Integrates the custom help collection into the VS.NET help system
  • VB Commenter - XML-style comment tags for VB

Future tools include:

  • VSCMDShell Window - One window to access both the VS.NET Commands Window and your external CMD.exe process.
  • VSMouseBindings - Assign all five mouse buttons to commands within VS.NET
  • VSTransparency - Make floating windows and pop-up UI semi-transparent in the IDE giving you a better view of the code below