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SP/Invoke - Stored Proc Wrapper Code Generator

This looks very cool. It generates nice little OO classes for your Stored Procedures. Here are some comments from their website:

_SP/Invoke was our submission to the ‘Spend a Day With .NET’ contest. It is a small tool which generates code to simplify the invocation of SQL Server T-SQL Stored Procedures.

For example, for the following stored procedure (taken from the Northwind SQL Server example database) …_ > > create procedure CustOrderHist @CustomerID nchar(5)
&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;select ProductName, Total=sum(Quantity)
&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;from Products P, [Order Details] OD, Orders O, Customers C
&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;where C.CustomerID = @CustomerID
&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;and C.CustomerID = O.CustomerID and O.OrderID = OD.OrderID and OD.ProductID = P.ProductID
&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;group by ProductName

_… SP/Invoke generates code allowing you to invoke the stored procedure using …


SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(“…”);

CustOrderHist.Result r = CustOrderHist.Invoke(conn, “OTTIK”);

if (r.ReturnValue != 0)

foreach (CustOrderHist.Row order in r)

_SP/Invoke generates code using the CodeDOM and then compiles it to an assembly which can be used from any VS.NET project. C# code can optionally be generated for direct inclusion into a C# project.

The UI functions as a VS.NET Add-In and can be accessed from the IDE’s ‘Tools’ menu._

More thanks to Mike from Larkware News for this link.