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Genghis v0.4 Released

From Chris Sells Windows Developer News:

_Sorry for the long wait. There’s been two whole books written between the last release of Genghis and this one. Here’s the list of new features:

-Everything works under .NET 1.0 and 1.1 (except HandleCollector)

-MSN Messanger-style popup window

-UI Type Editor for use with ImageList index selection

-AppBar implementation

-Text file search

-Themed controls

-Single instance application support, including passing command line args from other instances

-Multiple top-level window support

-Many enhancements and fixes to the command line parser

-Splash screen class

-Improved WebCommandLineHelper class which now works with .NET 1.0 and 1.1, includes URL decoding and requires no additional permissions (although it does require a server-side HTTP handler, included as the ConfigFileHandler class that maps requests for foo.exe?bar=quux.config to the foo.exe.config file)

-WizardSheet updates

-Status Bar Extender for mapping status messages to Windows Forms controls

Thanks to my new build master, Mike Marshal, who got all of this together. He’s the greatest!_

I’ve used Genghis on a couple of projects and it is a very nice extension library. And since it is from Chris Sells, you know its good.