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ASP.NET 2.0 Shown to the Public

From Paul Wilson’s .NET Blog:

I’m at the DevConnections conference in New Orleans this week and last night’s keynote featured __Scott Guthrie_’s first ever public demo of ASP.NET Version 2.0!&nbsp_place_holder; It looks like _DataGridGirl_ beat me to the scoop about how cool the new grid control will be – no code for paging and sorting and even editing.&nbsp_place_holder; The other feature he showed was the new sql dependency supported by output caching – the data is cached as long as you set and is automatically invalidated when it changes in the raw data table.&nbsp_place_holder; He didn’t show any of the other cool things that some of us have seen in private, but this was a really cool initial public preview.&nbsp_place_holder; By the way, it was obvious looking at Scott’s demo that “Venus” is the codename being used for at least part of ASP.NET v2.0. _