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Certifications Anyone?

I read a piece on Scott Handelman’s Weblog&nbsp_place_holder;about certifications… specfically MS certifications. His post was prompted by his observation that many people these days are putting all kinds of cert. suffixes after their name.

Joe Blow -&nbsp_place_holder;MCAD, MCSD, MCDBA, MCT, MCSE.”

Scott comes to the same conclusion that I came to years ago. Certs are useful, but can be very misleading. We noticed this at my last job, when we decided that MCSD certs were required for all staff developers. It didn’t stop us from getting tons of resumes from Mort. The resumes looked good, but 5 minutes into the interview, you knew this guy wasn’t what you were looking for.

I have attempted to keep my certs up to date, but I have to admit I haven’t bothered to upgrade to the .NET MCSD yet. I suppose I will someday, but it just isn’t super important to me right now.

Following Scott’s advice, I’m thinking maybe we should all adopt sigs like this:

“Jow Blow - 10 years programming, 15 successful projects, 6 failed projects.”

I wonder how many people would be honest about that?