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Toy Air Cannon

I am at a business meeting right now and one of the things this company does is produce packaging and marketing for toys and other stuff. One of the guys walks in carrying what looks like a 1 gal. cylinder with a gun-like handle at the bottom.

He pointed it at me and said, “This won’t hurt!”

“WHAT?” I asked as he pulled the trigger.

WHAM! I felt a “bullet” of air hit me in the chest. It is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen. I want one. It turns out the company I was meeting with doesn’t actually work with that product. One of the guys got it in Asia or something. But I want one anyway.

I searched Google and found a few things, but none of them look exactly right. I found references to an old product produced by Wham-O called the Air Blaster. But the pics I’ve seen don’t look like what I’m looking at right now. I also found this paper about how to make one yourself. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Where I can get one?