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Time Traveller

My oh my… no way this is true…

A man arrested for insider trading has made the __astonishing claim that he’s a time traveler_ from the year 2256. In two weeks, he’d turned $800 into $350 million using information that was clearly not public – unless you live in the future and already knew what was going to happen. The SEC doesn’t believe his story, of course, but they can’t offer up any alternative, nor any evidence that the man even existed anywhere before December of last year._

He claims he’ll reveal the location of Osama bin Laden and a cure for AIDS if he’s let go and allowed to return to the future, but refuses to give any info on his time travel device.

Not surprisingly, this story comes from a newsstand tabloid (Weekly World News). I wonder if it’s completely fictitious, or what the real story is.

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