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Excellent Post About Technology Waves

This post on The Scobleizer Weblog was an interesting read. If you are in the tech biz then check it out. He makes some interesting predictions about what the next waves in tech will be. But what really caught my eye was the update at the bottom where he rants a bit about the open-source hype:

I don’t remember Linux ever bringing me a single customer who said “I’d like to spend $2400 on a computer just to run Linux.” But, I’m sold out of Tablets. Did you realize that? And, NEC isn’t the only one. The entire industry is sold out of Tablets. Did you realize that? If you made your business plan based on this “supposed hot market” of Linux, guess where that’d end you? Doing Lindows and hoping people spend a few dollars a month on subscription software? Give me a break.

I agree with him on this. I happen to love Linux and the rest of the open-source movement. I think it is very important thing for the geek community. I run three different Linux distros (LFS, Debian, and FloppyFW) at my house. But the company I co-founded is a Microsoft Partner. I am, and have always been, a HUGE proponent of Microsoft. I firmly believe that it is the best choice for my customers.

The open source people forget that money and economy are what makes things happen in this country. Americans are fundamentally capitalist pigs. Open-source feels too socialist for most business people. And then, of course, there are the actual numbers.