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An Interesting Approach to Spam

I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this solves the spam problem once and for all.

Longtime friend Bob O’Brien is working hard in his Silicon Valley computer room to give us all an answer to spam. I remember Bob well. He’d give me heck in the DevX newsgroups everytime DevX would send out some spam. He got so angry (not just at DevX, either) that he spent a while researching the problem. He’s come up with an interesting system, that I’ll soon be beta testing. It’s called “receptionist” and the way he describes it, it’ll be a much simpler way to reduce the amount of spam currently making its way into all our in boxes. Oh yeah. He wants to give it away for free and make it a community project. It’s coming soon to __http://www.whitelist.com/_ . [_The Scobleizer Weblog]

I use CloudMark SpamNet which uses a Napster style approach to blacklisting spam. It works pretty well, but it doesn’t actually stop the message from being delivered in the first place. The Receptionist Protocol listed at http://www.whitelist.com looks like it could actually STOP ALL SPAM. It is too bad that they are making the free version so limited, but I would guess that if they publish the protocol, we will see lots of additional implementations. I’d like to do an implementation that plugs into Exchange Server and stops it before it even arrives. Someday maybe…