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FTP Server in .NET

Has anyone out there found a complete FTP server in .NET (C# preferred)? One of my hobbies is trading live music (Phish, WSP, etc.) and I’ve been thinking about setting up an FTP server. Most people in this space use Linux to do it, but I wanted to use Win2K, since I have a few boxes handy and prefer to code in C# instead of PHP and Perl.

What I really want is a free FTP server that uses a database for login/password information. The FTP server in IIS uses AD for authentication and that doesn’t work for what I want to do. I found this one on C-SharpCorner.com, but it is missing a few important things… namely REST.

My idea (and that of others in the LAMP world) is to have a website where people can sign-up for a login. Once they have a login, they can request access to download a particular show. They then have&nbsp_place_holder;n days to download the show. During that time, the ONLY files they have access to are those shows. Once the time expires, they can request another show.

This way I can give out tons of good music and not have to manage it by hand. I know that Kael Fischer is working on an Apache/Perl/Python implementation, but I really want to do one in .NET.