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Does Blogging Change the Way You Surf?

I noticed a strange thing today. I was re-installing VS.NET (don’t ask why) and so I didn’t really have any “work” that I could be doing. So I sat down and ran thru my news aggregator. I didn’t rush, so that took about half an hour.

Then I still had time to kill. So started looking around the net for something to read. But because I read most of the good stuff thru my aggregator (everything from /. to MS Downloads to Chris Sells to Agile Alliance) there wasn’t really anything I was interested in. I mean, I’m sure I could have found something, but the stuff I really like to read comes thru the weblogs I subscribe to. I’ve even started falling way behind on my email mailing lists.

Has anyone else noticed this in themselves? Do you do most of your online reading thru an RSS aggregator?