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No More ASP.NET WebForms?

Well, they aren’t gone from .NET, but they may be gone from my life. I’ve been leaning that way for quite a while now anyway. Ever since I started using Page Templates, I haven’t been using the Form Designer. I’ve stopped creating server controls, and tend to just deal with the HTML content like I would if I didn’t have all that Web Forms stuff. I have a homegrown MVC-like framework that is working fairly well for me, although it still uses .ASPX pages.

Well, last night I discovered Maverick.NET and tonight I’m going to implement a solution spike to test it out. Maverick is a complete MVC implementation for web applications. You can use .ASPX pages for your views if you want, but it also has built in support for XML/XSLT views. Sounds pretty good to me. By combining it with NVelocity, you can even use Apache Velocity&nbsp_place_holder;template views.

If my spike goes well, I might leave WebForms behind completely. Maybe when ASP.NET 2.0 comes out I’ll go back. I’ll post back when I’ve decided how I feel. Hopefully I will be happier than I was with Deklarit. We’ll see.